Demon 72


Title: Demon 72
Alternate Name(s): デーモン72
Author: MITSUNAGA Yasunori
Artist: UEDA Satoshi
Status: 2 volumes (Canceled)
Genre: Seinen, Supernatural

His name is Kuruto Kagemitsu — a cute boy with a vengeance. The demon’s name is Shuma. He was summoned, much to his surprise and chagrin, by that cute boy…and forced to be his servant.

Their goal – one intrinsic and the other quite extrinsic – is to eliminate 71 of King Solomon’s 72 demons (with Shuma being the sole exception for obvious reasons), who are rumoured as being controlled by a single summoner.

Project Status

Chapter 1-2>> Released by other groups    Read Online
Chapter 3 >> Download    Read Online
Chapter 4 >> Download    Read Online
Chapter 5 >> Typesetting
Chapter 6 >> Translating


3 thoughts on “Demon 72

    • Uh, I’m still trying to finish translating Chrome Breaker chapter 11 and Strong Chase Weak, so not me personally ^^”

      As a group however, L.A.G. would, except for the teensy weensy fact that there are no Chinese translators available for this series, though we are still very much interested in scanlating this >.>

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