L.A.G. Scans Logo Contest [END]




My scanlation group, L.A.G. Scans is holding a logo contest!! Yeah, a lot of other groups have logos but we don’t, and I’m not the kind of person to make a great logo TT_TT Luckily, that’s what contest are for, right?

The point of this contest is to make a logo for L.A.G. Scans.

1) Nothing 18+ I don’t care how awesome your logo is, it it contains anything not for everyone, your entry will not be accepted.
2) No art from anything L.A.G. has not scanlated. Basically, that really awesome Bleach logo will not work.

Try to get your entry in by this date:
Sunday, March 30, 2014

You all will be able to vote for your favorite entries during these two weeks:
April 6 – 18 , 2014

You may notice there is a week between the entry deadline and the voting. This is so any really epic entries submitted during that time might be accepted. Note that since sumbitting during this time would be after the deadline, I have every right to not accept your entry.

This is what you’ve all been waiting for right~?

First Place
2 chapters of your choice to be scanlated by L.A.G. Scans*
1 full page watercolor from thebestcowgirl
 Colored pic of your OC by OrbitalSwan

…and your entry will be used around the site for, but not limited to, watermarks, headers, and so forth.

Second Place
1 chapter of your choice to be scanlated by L.A.G. Scans*
1 half page watercolor from thebestcowgirl
1 Sketch of your OC by OrbitalSwan

Third Place
1 ink drawing from thebestcowgirl
 Chibi of your OC by OrbitalSwan

If you have any prizes you can donate, please, please do!! I’m poor and am only decently good at art, so I’m sorry if my prizes kinda suck!!


Lag dA2










Please join!!


* Certain restrictions may apply. Preferably manga of a more “modern” art style, with translations on Chinese sites so if most of L.A.G. staff members hate me after this, you can still get your prize

4 thoughts on “L.A.G. Scans Logo Contest [END]

    • Uh, just a sort of mark that represents LAG, I guess. ^^” I made a few chibis holding signs that said “L.A.G. Scans” on them, but they’re really messy and hard to read.>.> Some scan groups that have more legit logos that I know of are Fallen Syndicate, Vendetta, Easy Going, and Soul Scans.

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