Credits Page Art [OPEN]

Hum dee dum. Actually, this is less of an art contest and more of an art compilation.

You see, some of L.A.G. Scans’ credit pages aren’t very interesting (namely, the black and white Tegami Bachi shindan one was getting a bit boring), so here’s a win-win situation for everyone ^^

You guys submit your art that will be put in an image gallery forever and maybe  even get  featured on a manga chapter (or even chapters)  that should receive at least a few thousand views each while L.A.G. gets pretty credits pages ^^

Just comment below with a link to your piece or email with your work attached.

Please categorize your art in either one of the series that are currently being scanlated by L.A.G., or as ‘generic’, which means they’re not based off of anything at all, except an OC of your own or something.

Have a blast, everyone!! \(^o^)/




Tegami Bachi Noir Wallpaper (Submitted by Pikachu288)


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