…Downsized/Shut Down

RAWR!!!  I need to stop being so passive aggressive.

So: I don’t think I can keep up with LAG, so I’m shutting it down for now. I will try to finish the chapters that LAG has already started, but I will be working towards the goal of giving all of LAG’s projects good homes.

First, TEGAMI BACHI!!!  Yes, I know that under my poor management, the scans have fallen behind Viz, but I have the translations up to chapter 85, so if you want to continue scanlating the series, I’ve posted the link to the files below. Schombert was the translator, so be sure to credit him. You will need some decent knowledge of Chinese to proofread them though.

Rurigaki Yoruko no Yuigon will definitely be dropped. I think they’re up to around chapter 20 on some Chinese manga reading websites, but you’d have to look into that.

Demon 72 is fun, and is pretty close to over (or at least the point where it was cancelled). If no one else picks it up, I will try to finish it, but it will be really slow.  Same with Chrome Breaker volume 3, and I don’t have access to 4 at all

Finally, Catacombs. I love this project a lot for some reason, and will also try my best to finish this.

Sakurahime Kaden has been…halted?…for a while now, and the best chance of reading it online will probably be someone scanning the volumes online.

I’ll also post some of my raws from the 8/12 and 8/14 issues of G-Fantasy, so if any group wants to scanlate any of those, just ask.

Thank you all you lovely fans (Pikachu) and staff (yuuuchan, Rajin, cavalier, Serena1035) for sticking with Lonely Asian Girl Scans for so long. These past two years have been pretty fun.

(LAG’s email ( lagscans@yahoo.com )will still be active, so I will be replying to those.)

–> https://www.mediafire.com/folder/x6c71dwc1m21m/Tegami_Bachi_Translations
(Open with computer, rather than browser, and read the translations in the comments. Credit Schombert for the translations)

Other scanlation links I’ve used:
Tegami Bachi Scanlations (Traditional Chinese): > http://www.iibq.com/comic/82012129155/
Chrome Breaker Vol. 3 (Simplified Chinese):  >  http://www.iibq.com/comic/82012127264/viewcomic166660/
Demon 72: > http://www.iibq.com/comic/82012141021/
Sakurahime Kaden: > http://www.iibq.com/comic/82012132459/

http://www.iibq.com/ – Beware of spam on Chinese sites. I use iibq.com a lot because you can actually right click save.
http://www.u17.com/ – I think there’s a lot more “original manga” here, but you can’t save easily


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