I Squeeeze~~

CoverYays!! Demon 72 chapter 5 is finally done quality checking~  Actually, it was mostly just me being lazy, but at least you can read it now right~?

This is the first chapter of volume 2, which also happens to be the last volume of Demon 72 before it was canceled, so…There are still three chapter left of this amazing manga to read…?

Anyways, I dunno what LAG really needs this time…A Chinese translator (preferably traditional), maybe…?

Oh well, enjoy~ ^^


3 thoughts on “I Squeeeze~~

    • I’m not entirely sure, but if I had to guess, it would be that Demon 72 was too similar to Kuroshitsuji, since both have grumpy kids as the main character and demon butlers aiding them. (D72 came out in 2010 while Kuro came out 2006)

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