Lonely Orphans


OwO” Sorry these chapters are a bit *cough cough* late. I wanted to do a Halloween mass release, but otehr things came up. Oh well… >.>
At least it’s already Halloween in some parts of the world, right…?

Anyways, today, I’ve got two chapters of Tegami Bachi: Tegami Bachi Chapter 68 and Tegami Bachi Chapter 69.  Tegami Bachi Chapter 70 and Demon 72 Chapter 5 should be done soon. And then after those, Catacombs Chapter 4. Sorry, sorry… =_=”
Sorry for the crappy typesetting at the beginning of TB ch 68, but I think I got the hang (too late) of typesetting now ~

Looking for a cleaner and someone who can proofread Chinese. Thanks ~ ^^


12 thoughts on “Lonely Orphans

  1. Guys can you just skip vol 16, vol 17′ and even 18; and focus on the non tankobon chapters that go into vol 19.

    Cuz I won’t be reading your latest scans since viz media already translated vol 16 (has chap 70) and vol 17. I also expect vol 18 to be released in a few months. So that would make your ongoing project pointless since the translation has already been done officially.

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