Zankoku na Tenshi…


…From the opening song of Neon Genesis Evangelion, meaning “cruel angel” (I think).

Well, Chrome Breaker Bullet 10 is finally out after, what, two years? Three? Oh well, the cleaners for this were amazing. They turned the most horrible raws into cleans that actually looked normal. I somehow managed to redraw stuff with a mouse that looked decent-ish and Rajin fixed some other stuff. Yays!! (And yes, that is some Comic Sans MS in the typesetting, with some extreme modifications thanks to Photoshop.)
Bullet 11 translations are almost done, as they have been for something like the past year. Oh wells… >.>

L.A.G. Scans is relatively well supplied at the moment, but I won’t say no to a proofreader who knows Chinese decently, though you don’t have to be at the translating level, for Tegami Bachi.


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