Uh, yeah, L.A.G.’s still alive. The next chapter of Tegami Bachi isn’t quite done yet, but Pikachu managed to scan the volume 3 special, so please enjoy that while the typesetters still working out the wrinkles in Tegami Bachi 68. You can download the special here.

Other updates…Sakurahime Kaden chapter 31 is done, but the typesetter’s internet is down. Demon 72 chapter 5 translations came in, so they just need to be proofread and then typeset. Rurigaki Yoruko no Yuigon is also being typeset. Chrome Breaker, I still have to get all the super scattered cleans together before it can be typeset. Catacombs is being translated. And other chapters are mostly just doing their own thing.

Recruitmentwise, a Japanese translator for some one-shots would be nice. Also, if you have access to raws, raw providers are very much appreciated. And that’s pretty much it for now… >.>


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