L.A.G. Scans Closing Notice

1 Hello, everyone, L.A.G. Scans will be closing due to a lack of translators for our projects. I will be putting up everything that L.A>G. has not released yet, including translations and cleans, in hopes that some group will put them into good use. Thank you for your understanding.

Ha! Or not! Happy April Fools Day, Minna-san! \(^o^)/ Actually though, L.A.G. does need a French translator for Catacombs, Chinese translators for Demon 72, Rurigaki Yoruko no Yuigon, and Tegami Bachi, and Japanese translators for various projects including but not limited to Air Master and Polyphonica.

Other than that, today, L.A.G.is releasing Tegami Bachi Chapter 66. I’ve actually had this on me for a while, but real-life had been too busy. It’s Spring Break for me now though, so I’m caught up on everything I procrastinated on and  should be able to finish TLing that adorable one-shot I’ve been working on forever ^^

Finally (long post, eh?), L.A.G. Scan’s logo contest has now entered it its grace period. So far, four people have entered seven entries, and I want more if possible! The voting starts next week, so if you get your entry in before then, you should be alright! ^^


7 thoughts on “L.A.G. Scans Closing Notice

    • Ahaha, you’re welcome! Thanks for the first comment ^^
      For the logo, you can always just do something simple like typing in some font with Photoshop with a texture underneath (or something. I read about the process in a book a while ago but never tried it out >.> )

      • You’re welcome ^^ I’m so addicted to this manga so really happy you scanlate it XD Btw, I made a simple one (don’t laugh when you see it >_<) but just wondering how to submit the entry… can't seem to find any info on the page… probably it's just me though XD

    • It’s alright ^^ Just put it up on dropbox or sendspace or mediafire or deviant art or something and drop a comment pretty much anywhere on the site. Or you can add it as an attachment on an email to lag scans@yahoo.com
      It can’t be too bad! I’m the one who drew the fail chibis holding their signs instead of an actual logo

      • Well, I made 2 versions and sent them as attachments to the email address…. just let me know if you haven’t received it ^^

    • Ahaha, it was the best thing I could come up with on short notice xD

      Next year, I think I will draw a manga myself or something and release it as an actual scanlated chapter or something, if I remember. Bwahahaha!!

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