Doooooonnnn’tttt ! !

469455For all those waiting, the next chapter of Tegami Bachi is currently being typeset.

Today, L.A.G. is releasing a really short one-shot entitled YELL by
ぜん (aka “zen”). It’s from the 8/12 issue of G-Fantasy!You can download it from HERE.
(Yes, we’re finally getting around to finishing those one-shots!)

Also, a SHK update. I think I will buy the Viz volumes myself and scan them with horrible, but usable, quality.

Lastly, WHERE ARE ALL YOU TRANSLATORS??? L.A.G. needs Chinese translators for Demon 72 and Rurigaki Yoruko no Yuigon, Japanese translators for Air Master and eventually/hopefully Tegami Bachi, and French translators for Catacombs and NOOB.
By the way, I got overloaded with applications for the French translator position the last time I asked for one, so, um, ah, please don’t apply unless you really can reliably translate French.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the release!! \(^o^)/



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