Happy Birthday L.A.G. !!

<.<   Otaku + average one hour on computer daily + discovery of Tower of God + sloth + procrastination + midterms = super-duper late releases
thebestcowgirl >_<

Exactly one year and one week ago, on  this day, was L.A.G.’s first post on this site. I was going to follow this with an announcement about how exactly one year later is also L.A.G.’s second release of Sakurahime Kaden, but I’m not quite done, for the reasons stated above. However, I am 89.7% sure the chapter will be up on Saturday. Still, L.A.G. will only be doing SHK 35 and 45 so other groups, feel free to take this series!

In the past year, not all L.A.G. members have survived my scatterbrained abuse, so in memoriam: Yui-sama, L.A.G.’s second administrator, who put together this site in teh first place, and best quality checker ever! (Much better than me anyways…) Kevin, L.A.G.’s first proofreader. Lim, L.A.G.’s first typesetter. Sorry for using you awkwardly. Serena1035, editor and scanlator of several volumes of SHK all be herself. SHK fans, if you all ever see her, you’d better thank her! Senka, another awesome typesetter. Sorry for releasing that chapter of Rain so late!
Um, and if I missed anyone else who actually helped out in the releases, tell me and I’ll add you. Of course, if you do ever contact me, I will do my best to drag you here again, so beware! ; )

Next, L.A.G. needs some of those empty positions filled in! As so many of you cans have noticed, I’m horrible at QCing. Missing pages seem to bypass my scrutiny all the time. I still have to fix that chapter of Tegami Bachi. It would help a lot if all of these things were caught before, rather than after releases. All that’s required is some sort of .psd opening software, the ability to download new fonts, and OCD (or something close to it xD ).
L.A.G. also needs someone to update the site, because the site itself is very much outdated. This person just needs to be unlazy enough to update the site after new releases, and maybe make the tabs for the projects. Updating the forums would be nice too.
Lastly, there’s almost no such things as too many translators, so some of those would be useful, especially Japanese translators for Air Master and maybe Guilty Crown or  No. 6 or Polyphonica or about a million and one other amazing series that need to be scanlated. A few Chinese translators would also be nice, since I get a lot of raws from those sites.

Next, update time! Lag’s got an IRC now: #lagscans@irc.irchighway.net
IRC is basically like chatting, but much more professional, as in, it’s layout is much more spartan, but you can do a bit more than just chat, and so there are many more complex commands to learn. I’ll try to make a page for IRC stuff soon (hopefully). Hey, I’m still learning too, so a lot of what I do is copy-pasted from online.
If you don’t know how to use IRC, go to mibbit.com, make an account, go to channels, and type in “webchat.irchighway.net” for the server and “#lagscans” in the channel and the site should take you to the IRC.

Final announcement for this post!! L.A.G. Scans is holding a LOGO CONTEST!! I need to make a page here for that too. For those of you who don’t use deviantART, you don’t have to make an account. Just send your entry to me through other ways. In the prize list, a llama is a dA badge, one point is equivalent to about 1 yen, so those aren’t really worth much in the real world, and a watch basically means I have to see everything you upload onto dA. The watercolor and line art should be pretty self explanatory and not dA exclusive. I hope I don’t piss off too many of the staff with the chapter scanlation prize. Anyways, please join! It should be fun ^^

Have a great year everyone, and enjoy more manga!
thebestcowgirl ~ ♪


One thought on “Happy Birthday L.A.G. !!

  1. japanese translator for airmaster?

    did you ever find one?

    it’s been 5 horribly long years since i read an airmaster chapter, could you ask schinken to pick it up?

    ps, i’ve noted that the only people who’re are able to scanlate are overworked college students, who have real work & burnout to deal with

    if only they could get together with the millions of computer engineers who’ve lost their jobs to h1b immigrants to make a working computer translator better than google translate (it’s better than nothing, but still dumber than WATSON)

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