Veteran’s Day Release !!

b72ed11da71239b19e66d39a205440979f9f54f329e150fd1469c54e…Because I’m too lazy to come up with a more creative title.

Oh well, L.A.G. is releasing today, Demon 72 chapter 4 !! Get ready for a katana wielding megane !! (Sorry for the repeat picture. There just isn’t that much D72  art out there >.> )

And it would be nice if L.A.G. had a webmaster

Enjoy ~ ♪

heard the MF link doesn’t work so here


11 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Release !!

  1. What are you searching for?? Webmaster, who gives you webspace or someone who can help you with the design?
    When you need webspace their are enough freehosters who allow you wordpress and a forum?.?
    And I can modify wordpress themes but my design skills are low… so If you have someone who knows, how the homepage should look like and can make the pictures I need for the modifying… than I could look into my timetable and would help you, if you need it.

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