What am I…

Yay!! More Tegami Bachi, coming right up ^^TegamiBachi

Today, Tegami Bachi chapter 63 is coming out!! You can download it here.

And yeah, a QCer who has Wild Words would be nice…


17 thoughts on “What am I…

  1. Thank you L.A.G. Scans for scanlating this series.

    However there is one point I would like to make. The English used in the scans is fairly broken to the point where it affects comprehension of the dialogue. Especially during exposition-heavy portions of the chapter, and during important speeches, the poor grammar and English leave the reader at times confused as to what the characters are trying to say. The basic gist of what characters are saying does get across, but more nuanced meanings in dialogue are lost, meaning subtle implications and foreshadowing that may be present in the original Japanese is now just confusing dialogue in your releases. If I were not so personally busy with my studies I would offer my assistance as an editor, working in tandem with the translator to ensure what the author conveys in Japanese is what is conveyed to the audience in English, but alas (right now) I cannot take up that position. I implore you to reevaluate your current efforts in editing and translating the text so that us readers can enjoy a smoother dialogue that conveys all the nuances of the original Japanese.

    • Unfortunately, I have to agree. The scans are difficult to understand at some points and the grammar mistakes are slightly distracting. I see that you’re using the Chinese scanlation. Are you translating from that or from the Japanese raws?

      I appreciate your work, but I also hope you accept the constructive criticism in Exkalamity’s post.

      btw, the font you’re using right now is fine.

  2. Thank you very much for the release.
    As a Lag cosplayer I always get pretty anxious to the next chapter.
    I think this series deserves more love. It’s pretty hard to find people interested in translating it. >:

    • Yeah, I love this series a lot as well. When I found out that the original group had dropped it and that there were translations online, I just had to scanlate this, even if the quality isn’t that good =_=”
      (And the series clashes horribly with the name of this group)

      • I think once you’re doing it for free, and letting me enjoy a serie that I love, i have no right to say nothing about the quality, but I don’t see any problem here. I’m not a native english speaker, and not THAT good btw XD

        I can’t understand why this series don’t made a lot sucess. I think it’s a great work, from the plot to the art style, and the characters are so lovely.

        (Yeah, I took some time to realize the scanlator team’s name wasn’t on purpose X3)

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