The Birth of LAG

TB - Vol 1 (cover)Trollol, don’t we all love puns? Well, today’s release really does involve Lag’s birth. I hope your eyes have already lost their virginity with the previous chapters, because you get to see, in this chapter, (*spoiler alert* XD) a (baby) Lag without clothes. Β (Have I ever mentioned how awkward it is to have a scanlation group with the same first name as a character in a manga that’s being scanlated…on accident?)

Anyways, you can download the newest chapter of Tegami Bachi here, though it should be just about everywhere pretty soon.

Enjoy ^^

(PS, still looking for cleaners, quality checkers, and site admin/updaters . . . )


11 thoughts on “The Birth of LAG

  1. Thanks a bunch for the new chapter!
    Look like it is getting more exciting!!
    Btw can you update your web’s address at Mangaupdates so others can go directly to this site. πŸ˜€

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