Shattered Friendship

L.A.G. found a typesetter, yay!!! \(^o^)/

Thanks to him (I think, pseudonym genders are sometimes hard to tell, sorry Rajin), we are having more releases again!!

Today’s release is Meng Wu and Chu Zi (a one-shot), another Kingdom side story, although according to the author, this will be the last one for a while. (Huh, maybe I should start keeping up with Kingdom, since LAG scanlated two of it’s one-shots \(=_=\)   )

And Yes Tegami Bachi is coming along pretty well, although if you can clean, LAG could really use use.

Oh, and another announcement, LAG is dropping Sakurahime Kaden. We will be releasing chapter 35 and 45, but that’s about it. Not very many people interested in the manga are on LAG’s staff. (Hey, if enough people are willing to help out on this project, maybe LAG won’t have to drop it T_T )

Enjoy today’s releases and Join LAG if you can ^^
(I’m quality checking without fonts, aka, I’m quality checking without being able to edit the text, only move them with the lasso at most, so if you can quality check, help out.)

(PS, tomorrow’s my birthday, wish me happy birthday XD)


7 thoughts on “Shattered Friendship

  1. about time..haha. thanks for all the hard work guys! i think my language , especially the use of words and grammar can be further improved though…

  2. Greetings. I just read “Li Mu” and “Meng Wu and Chu Zi,” both of which were oneshots within Kingdom Omnibus, vol. 2. Do you plan to also do “Kongou” and “Umazakehei Sanbyaku,” which were the one shots within Kingdom Omnibus, vol. 1? Thanks in advanced.

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