Little Fall of Rain

Ahaha, Les Misérables reference . . . Anyways, I suppose I’ve accomplished my goal, to get Rain released faster. After I sent the scanlator an email saying L.A.G. had finished typesetting chapter 13, they released their chapter pretty quickly, but L.A.G. did really finish Rain chapter 13, which can be downloaded here. That’s the most complex credits page I’ve ever done…

Wait, Sense Scans did it and not Rain Over Paradise? @_@ How in the world can anything be the coincidental…?

At least now I have something to put in the dropped category right? (Speaking of the site, I really need to edit that. ) Unless SS wants to do a joint…

And L.A.G. Scans can always use more cleaners and translators (preferably Chinese) so please help out~


5 thoughts on “Little Fall of Rain

  1. Thank you!

    Don’t worry about Sense Scans, they’re a very aggressive group that goes around stealing projects and acting like only they know best and their scans are gospel. I’ll support you guys instead all the way!

      • Yeah, that’s exactly like Sense Scans all right, they rush out chapters of things that a group is planning to do and force the first group out of the picture entirely, then refuse to do joints 😦

        It’s so annoying really, you can open up more or less almost any project they are working on to see who else has previously worked on it. 9 times out of 10, there’s somebody else doing the same manga concurrently that they’re trying to force out, or another group did almost simultaneous releases for a while but no longer.

        There’s so many great projects they could work on that don’t have anybody, yet they consistently choose only ones that have somebody planning to start it when the people in question don’t meet their “standards” of quality, then snatch it up quickly.

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