Erratum and Recruitment

Alright, before I begin fixing errors, I need you to realize that L.A.G. currently has zero cleaners and could use a better quality checker than me. (Obviously, seeing how there are errors to fix in the first place.) We could always use more translators too, as too many Chinese or Japanese translators are never a problem. A site moderator would also be nice…

Now for the errors…

Fifth re-upload of Demon 72 because…
1) Missing Credits
2) Missing Raw Provider
3) Missing Page 11
4) Extra Page 13
Whoops…(I’ve already said I’m a bad quality checker and a lagging computer does not exactly promote vigorous quality checking)
Fifth time’s the charm?

Only second re-upload of Tegami Bachi chapter 61 though ^^”
The only change for this one was adding page 23. How in the world could I have missed a whole page…? >.>”
Oh well, here‘s the version with the page.


3 thoughts on “Erratum and Recruitment

    • Yeah… >.>
      My computer’s a lot faster now, so I think I will be getting better at QCing. I’m also improving a little (..?) with Photoshop, so I hopefully won’t have to make a post like this ever again…

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