Era of the Warring States

3972_634592589161376250Woohoo~!! First manga that I really QCed!!

Today, L.A.G. Scans has for you a manga that takes place in ancient China during the Era of the Warring States, hence, the title of this post.

You can download Li Mu, a side story to the manga, Kingdom, here

I also got around to adding the missing Demon 72 page, which can be downloaded here.

And L.A.G. still need cleaners!! Potential cleaners taking the test are not yet cleaners!! The lack of cleaners made me start cleaning Tegami Bachi chapter 62, and I am not a very good cleaner at all, so help!!


10 thoughts on “Era of the Warring States

  1. Thanks for upping Demon 72 with the missing page (I was waiting till you did to read it)

    Any idea when you’ll get around to upping the missing page from Tegami Bachi 61 as well? Thanks

  2. Greetings. I just read “Li Mu” and “Meng Wu and Chu Zi.”
    Do you plan to also do “Kongou” and “Umazakehei Sanbyaku” of this same series? Thanks in advanced.

      • This raws you found are a for a side chapter to Ch. 250. It has already being scanlated.

        As for the other two raws, I don’t know if this would help: Both “Li Mu” and “Meng Wu and Chu Zi” were one shots within Kingdom Omnibus, vol. 2. Both “Kongou” and “Umazakehei Sanbyaku,” were one shots within Kingdom Omnibus, vol. 1? Good luck. If I find anything, I’ll let you know.

      • I found this, in case you have access to old magazines. You already scanlated the last two.
        仙子記 (別冊YOUNG雜誌,2001年22號期刊)
        金剛(週刊YOUNG JUMP増刊 漫革,2003年36號期刊)
        馬酒兵三百(週刊YOUNG JUMP増刊 漫革,2004年37號期刊)
        李牧(週刊YOUNG JUMP,2004年18號)
        蒙武和楚子(週刊YOUNG JUMP,2005年1號)

      • Ehh…I don’t and I can’t find any atm…  =_=”

        I’ll probably but the omnibus vol 1 in a year or two after i become financially independent or something >.>

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